Sunday, June 3, 2012

Why Does My Computer Run So Slow?

Are you frequently asking the question "Why does my computer run so slow"? This was also a question I kept asking myself when my computer was running horribly slow in the past. In fact, anyone who has used their computers for a long time will probably ask the same question at some point.

A slow computer can be a result of various issues. This article will cover the most common causes of a computer slowing down, and how to finally get your computer to run fast again.

Corrupted Registry
90% of the time, a computer will slow down as a result of errors in the computer registry. It is very easy for us to neglect our computer registry, and over time, the registry entries in the registry will get horribly messy.

To fix your registry properly, you will need to download a registry cleaner. This program will easily identify all the bad registry entries in your system for you with a scan, and then fix them after you have approved the software to do so.

Running Too Many Programs
You may have installed software that is running in your startup section which you may be unaware of. As more and more programs get installed, your system starts to slow down as it uses up more resources just to keep these programs running in the background. These programs should be turned off or your computer will crash often.

If you are looking to fix your computer, these are the 2 areas that I would look at. I personally managed to get my slow computer running a lot faster after using registry cleaner to fix it. Get your computer back to its original working condition again!


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