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My Computer Keeps Shutting Down and Restarting - Here is How to Fix Unexpected Shutdown Problems

Does your computer keep shutting down and restarting. A newly bought computer performs very fast but as you use it you will notice a significant decrease in its speed. Then as more days and months of use your PC begins to shut down automatically and restarts by itself. Your computer might be telling you that something is wrong. There are several factors why your PC automatically shutdown.

Try this diagnostic test yourself with your laptop or desktop computer. If you notice that your computer just turns off by itself during the morning and works out fine later in the day this could be a dust problem. Dust can seep into the smallest space of your computer or laptop and they accumulate at a fast rate. Dusts congest air passages inside your computer thus clogging the air vents. This may cause your PC or laptop to overheat and it will cause the automatic shutdown. There is no good solution to this problem than to use a vacuum cleaner to suction all the dust inside. Using a vacuum with a brush on its nozzle can eliminate more dust and stop your computer keep shutting down and restarting on you.

You can also do this on your desktop computer. Desktop computer case is easier to open and all you need is a screw driver. Remove the screws and detach the CPU case cover. Be sure to unplug the PC before you do the cleaning. Carefully use the vacuum cleaner inside the PC but be careful of the wires for the vacuum might suction them up.

Check to see if you have windows update automatically set. If you have this will download and install updates automatically and depending on the settings you have enabled your computer may shut down and restart by it, leaving you to think you may have computer problems.

Run a full virus scan. A virus will slow down your PC and can make it shut down and restart while you are in the middle of something and keep doing this constantly.

If you have checked the above steps and you notice that your computer keeps shutting down and restarting and you are also getting pops and warning messages you may be infected with malware or have registry corruption. Instead of calling a technician and spending hundreds of dollars you can check this for yourself and fix it if need be by running a scan to check for both registry errors and malware. It only takes a few minutes to do.

Following these steps will help you to fix prevent your computer that keeps shutting down and restarting and make it run fast again.

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