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My Computer is Slow - Try a Simple Test For RAM Capacity

Your computer's RAM (Random Access Memory or simply short term memory) is where your computer stores certain data that it uses frequently so it can be accessed easily and quickly. The capacity of the RAM will affect the computer's speed and performance. Random Access Memory is different from hard drive memory. Hard Drive Memory stores most of your pictures, music, programs, and other data.

Here are some reasons you may need to add RAM:

(1) The two main operating systems today are Windows XP and Windows Vista. XP requires much more RAM than Vista maybe as much as twice the memory. Check your operating system. If it uses up around 75% of your RAM capacity your computer will be slow.

(2) Gaming needs much more RAM than just surfing the internet, word processing, etc. Also, Gaming also requires very fast processor speed. So, if your computer is slow while play games, check your game specs against your processor speed.

(3) Many slow computers simply not have enough RAM. And yet RAM is not expensive. When ordering or buying a new computer, get extra RAM added. It is money well spent.

There is a SIMPLE TEST that can determine if your computer has enough RAM. Right click on your desktop's lower tool bar and you will get a pop-up box. Then click on "Task Manager" and the Windows Task Manager opens showing the Applications, Processes, etc. that are running. Look at the bottom of the box by "Processes", "CPU Usage", and "Physical Memory".

Compare CPU Usage and Physical Memory. CPU Usage is how much of your computer's processor (or engine) capacity is being used by percentage (i.e. 0% is idol and 100% is mixed out). The Physical Memory is your RAM. This shows what is going on inside your computer. Simply put: The closer your Physical Memory is to 100% the harder your CPU will have to work. And the slower your computer will be.

Now, let your computer completely catch up and go to idol. Your CPU Usage should fall to 0% or at least to 10%. (If it will not fall this low then you have a program running - it maybe your virus protection program that is running, if not you could have a virus - and that is another matter.) Once it has fallen close to an idol, check your Physical Memory percentage. If your Physical Memory or RAM still shows to be in the 75% or plus area you do not have enough RAM to operate your computer at optimum speeds.

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