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Novitec Alfa Romeo Giulietta spice


The German coach Novitec launched at the end of last month a number of improvements to the last of the Alfa Romeo, the Giulietta. Among other things, Novitec offers an aerodynamic package, up to 20-inch wheels and the development of several of the floorpan of the Giulietta.

Under the bonnet, the improvements it offers the trainer for different propellants are quite interesting. In the range both petrol 1.4 16V 120 HP as the 1.4 TB 170 CV MultiAir, give a jump to 141 and 195 HP, respectively, after a series of electronic modifications that are situated around 499 euros.


The 1.8 liter TBi, that series produces 235 HP, increases its power until the 261 HP and torque up to 386 Nm. After the improvement, the Giulietta 1.8 TBi QV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds and reaches 251 km/h. Best of all, the price, 419 euros.

If look at the diesel engines, both the 1.6 JTD 16V as the 2.0 JTD 16V, get powers of 130 HP and 160 HP, respectively. In the case of the 2.0 JTD 170 HP, the power figure rises to 195 HP. For any of the engines, the amendment does not exceed 400 euros.

To round off the result, Novitec offers also silencers rear exhaust stainless steel with designs of two or four outputs. Wheels, for its part, can be 18, ** 1 ** 9-20-inch offering is latter in color silver or Matt Black and with Pirelli P Zero tires dimensions 235/50 R20.

In terms of suspensions, the coach offers two options. We can opt for a few piers sports that reduce the height of the bodywork of the Giulietta in 35 mm, or either decide by an adjustable suspensón type of coil-over that allows us to lower the height between 35 and 75 mm.


The aerodynamic kit for the front consists of three different parts (lateral and central) mounted on the bumper, adding to this a spoiler. The two side pieces cost 167 euros and the central round 83 euros. In addition to improving the aesthetic (or not, as you look), this spoiler also contributes to increasing aerodynamic load on the front axle.

The side skirts, also newly designed, cost 234 euros and the aerodynamic kit complete with a rear bumper with built-in diffuser and holes for the different exits escape possible, it costs around 167 euros.

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