Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dish Network Installation - Today's best bet in Satellite TV

After the switch to Digital TV, the choices for customers to view best HD programming are endless. However, the eternal battle between Cable and Satellite still remains powerful. If you are planning to get Digital Cable, I think Satellite is the best bet to get more channels, better HD programming, and more bang for your bucks - unless you are stuck in an apartment that offers no south-west-facing balcony necessary for a satellite reception, or are stuck in an enduring contract with a cable provider like Comcast.

If you are unsure about why Satellite is a better choice over cable, read some of the advantages listed below, without getting too technical about the service:

More Variety of Programs - Satellite TV currently has over 350 channels of programming as opposed to a handful of channels on analog TV and an average of 179 channels on cable TV. A current Dish Network Installation package can get you a great deal on not just programming, but also pay-per-view movies and special events, sports programming, commercial-free music channels, HD (high definition) programming, and a host of international channels.

Better HD Picture Quality - Satellite television is broadcast in digital format so you get a clearer, more lifelike picture than you get with cable or analog TV. There are fewer blackouts than with cable TV, and there's no ghosting or snow like you get with analog TV.

Budget-Friendly Package Options - You can get satellite TV service for as little as $19.99. The satellite TV equipment - including a satellite dish, up to four receivers, and installation - is free. Cable fees average $39.99 per month, and installation can run up to $100 or more.

Better Customer Service - Any one who has lived with Comcast long enough can vouch for the pathetic customer service that they deploy, whereas DISH Network and DIRECTV have been ranked number one and number two in customer satisfaction among all satellite TV and cable companies by J.D. Power for the last five years. With DISH Network or DIRECTV you get toll-free telephone service or online customer service day and night, seven days a week.

Dish Network is trying really hard these days to increase subscriptions, and hence are offering steal-deals that are hard to let go. With lower monthly packages, free HD-DVR upgrades, installations for upto 5 rooms, free premium channels, and also cashback offers, they have something really enticing for new customers. So if you are looking for new service, or want to switch from Cable to Satelite, give Dish network a shot and you might just find a valuable package that is priced right, just for you!


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