Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hybrid car prices

Retail hybrid car prices as suggested by manufacturers (better known as MSRP) are decided by the car makers and advised to the car dealers to be the base price guide in dealing with public sale. Dealers providing fleet sales to corporate buyers have also the invoice price, or that amount paid by the dealers to the automakers, better used for wholesale purchases being made from the dealers.

While these two serve as guides for the car buyer, prices may increase due to additional costs for non-standard features or add-ons to the vehicles. There are also charges for delivery to move

the vehicles to the final destination where buyer is situated. Thereafter, sales taxes, marketing costs, registration costs and other costs may be added by the dealership over and above the

MSRP or invoice price.

Price Ranges

As of this writing, at the bottom rung is the Toyota Prius, most reasonably priced at suggested retail of $22,175, exclusive of tax incentives that come along with purchases of hybrid,

environmentally-friendly units. At the high end of the spectrum will be the 2007 Honda Accord Hybrid 4-wheel drive four-door sedan, at around $31,000. Both these prices do not include delivery or destination pricing.

The Array of Hybrid Car Prices

In between the Prius and the Accord, the Camry Hybrid from Toyota is priced at around $26,000. The Saturn Aura Green Line Hybrid starts at $22,695, a highly recommended purchase by many hybrid enthusiasts. The Honda Hybrid FWD four door sedan starts at $22,600 exclusive of destination costs.


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