Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hybrid car cons

With all the hype out right now about hybrid cars, you may be considering buying one. Before you do, you should consider the pros and cons of hybrid cars. What benefits can you expect to experience and what difficulties should you plan to face? Fuel Savings The first thing that comes

to mind for most people when considering the pros and cons of hybrid cars is the possibility of saving money on fuel. With fuel efficiency between 30 and 60 mpg, this is definitely a consideration, particularly as fuel costs start to rise. Unfortunately, one of the downsides is that hybrid cars cost significantly more than non-hybrids. Some of this cost is offset by the fuel savings but, at current fuel costs, it is very difficult to make up the initial cost difference.

Whether you think this is an issue depends upon what you think will happen to fuel costs over the life of the car. If they will steadily rise, eventually you may save enough to make up the price differential. If you think they will level out, then it will be nearly impossible and you will need to resign yourself to the fact that this is a more expensive car.

Because hybrid cars are still relatively new and rare, the maintenance costs on them are a little bit higher than they are on non-hybrid cars. Parts cost more, service may be more difficult to find, and they are even harder than regular cars to service yourself. This additional cost should be factored into the price discussion.

Status can be considered among both the pros and cons of hybrid cars. In one sense, having a hybrid car gives you a reputation for being a person of substance, which may help you in your networking efforts. In another sense, these cars are generally less frilly and fancy than their non-hybrid counterparts. You won’t find hybrid luxury or sports cars; they tend to be much more practical vehicles. Whether you consider this to be a positive or a negative will depend upon your personality, values, and career path.


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