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Compare Web Hosting Services

Every webmaster, whether big or small, knows the importance of choosing a good and reliable web host. There are a plethora of companies offering web hosting services, but its humanly impossible to evaluate all of them individually. With a popular or well known and reliable Internet Service Provider (ISP) you won't face many problems, however with a poor web hosting service provider it can be a nightmare. So how do you know whom to go with? Choosing the right kind of web hosting service can be a very daunting task at times, but luckily for hard-working short-on-time geeks like us, there are some really good sites out there that do all the groundwork for us and present us with results and reviews that make comparison and subsequent decision-making process much easier for us!

Web Hosting Ratings is one such wonderful website that gives a concise list of the 10 best web-hosts, and much much more! I was really thrilled to come across this site as its one of the cleanest, most informative and very-well laid out website. Its like an "expedia" or "orbitz" for searching, comparing and web hosting reviews; from the smallest ones offering hosting services for as low as $3.95, to the stalwarts like BlueHosts and Yahoo, there is a huge list of all your options here, nicely categorised into several useful areas. It lists all the free and bonus features for each listed service, along with customer reviews and ratings. This last criteria is the most important as these are first-hand reviews by actual users, people like you and me who have already evaluated different hosts and seen their good and bad sides.

The other cool feature offered is the extensive list of categories that you can see on the right sidebar. The webmaster reviews are exhaustive and cover several aspects like quality, price, speed, reliability, tech support, customer-service and user-friendliness. Based on reviews and their own analysis, the site presents the relevant web-hosts with interesting recognition in the form of awards like "Best Unix Host" or "Best Blog Hosting". Once the home-page gives you an idea of who's-who, you can learn more about your favorite host by accesing reviews by host names. If this does not help you decide which is the best web-hosting service for you, nothing will! And last but not the least, they also have a lot of useful resources and web hosting articles for webmasters like Flash and CMS Templates, Web-hosting discounts and more.

If you are a blogger looking for own own domain, or an entrepreneur trying to find and choose a web host that's best suited to your needs and budget, take a moment to check out 10 best web hosts to see and compare the best available options. I think you'll definitely find some useful information there, just as I did!

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