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Hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs) combine the benefits of gasoline engines and electric motors and can be configured to obtain different objectives, such as improved fuel economy, increased power, or additional auxiliary power for electronic devices and power tools.
Some of the advanced technologies typically used by hybrids include
  • Regenerative Braking. The electric motor applies resistance to the drivetrain causing the wheels to slow down. In return, the energy from the wheels turns the motor, which functions as a generator, converting energy normally wasted during coasting and braking into electricity, which is stored in a battery until needed by the electric motor.
  • Electric Motor Drive/Assist. The electric motor provides additional power to assist the engine in accelerating, passing, or hill climbing. This allows a smaller, more efficient engine to be used. In some vehicles, the motor alone provides power for low-speed driving conditions where internal combustion engines are least efficient.
  • Automatic Start/Shutoff. Automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop and restarts it when the accelerator is pressed. This prevents wasted energy from idling.
For fuel economy information on these vehicles, please visit the Compare Side-by-Side section.
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Most people love their cars to the extreme, but with the constant skyrocketing of gasoline prices, a lot of people are pressed to think of alternatives. For those who want to cut back on fuel money, they may consider buying hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars are a combination of the features of gasoline-powered vehicles and electric cars. The advantage that hybrid cars hold over conventional cars is that they produce fewer emissions and adds considerable mileage.

But first, where did these cars came from and how are they made?

The very first electric vehicle was created by Robert Anderson from Aberdeen, Scotland in 1839. Later in 1870, Sir David Salomon came up with a vehicle equipped with a lightweight electric motor, along with storage batteries that were much too heavy. Predictably, the speed and the range of the car were not so desirable.

Over the years, several automobile manufacturers such as General Motors have improved on the concept of the electric cars, which later evolved into the hybrids that we know today. The most popular of these hybrids are the Insight from Honda and the Prius from Toyota.

These two exceptional vehicles can be used to explain the intricate and sophisticated technology of hybrid cars.

1. Honda Insight

The Insight runs on a system called “Integrated Motor Assist,” a term coined by Honda to describe its electric motor attached to the engine at the position usually occupied by the flywheel. This model has two kinds of transmission, the regular, manual transmission and the automatic one.

The advantages of the electric motor on the Insight are the following:

-It can support the gasoline engine by giving off additional power while the vehicle is climbing up or going down a hill.

-The motor can start the engine by itself without the aid of a starter.

-Captures energy while on the process of braking.

The Insight relies on three main areas for efficiency:

-It makes use of lightweight aluminum for its body to reduce the total weight of the vehicle.

-Utilizes a small engine which operates efficiently, which weighs around 124 pounds only.

-It makes use of advanced aerodynamics. The teardrop shape of the car has a lot to do with its performance.

2. Toyota Prius

The Prius utilizes the power split device, an ingenious gearbox that connects the gasoline engine with the electric motor and generator. This allows the car to function like both parallel and series hybrids. The car does not need a starter also, because the device can make the generator start the engine.

Since the vehicle is on planetary gear set, the speed of the electric motor combined with the ring gear spin decides how fast the car will run.

These cars does not require their batteries to be recharged, because the generator located onboard the vehicles monitors the right amount of energy in the batteries.

Both Toyota and Honda allot long warranties for their hybrid models. Both the Insight and the Prius are on eight-year warranties, and their batteries and motors usually do not need maintenance over the duration of the vehicle.
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Monday, June 18, 2012


The mixed reviews received by the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta reflect in its ranking of 27th out of 34 in the Affordable Small Cars category. An evaluation of thirty-two published reviews of the Jetta, featuring test drive results and safety and reliability data, is what the ranking is derived from. View much more details here bt tm 15. The 2012 Jetta is equipped with plenty of passenger space, and a huge trunk, but to get it without feeling like a budget car, you need to get an upgraded package.

Operation that slightly passed muster, an interior that looked cheap and a lackluster exterior were the main reasons that the 2011 redesign of the Jetta received only mild praise in press reviews. The auto journalists expect a certain standard from Volkswagen, and the base model of the 2012 Jetta falls short on both power and interior quality. Individuals who tried the car by driving it, ended up being impressed by a more affordable base price, the large back seat, and spacious trunk. To obtain the nicer interior plus more powerful engine, you will have to upgrade to the Jetta GLI. Even though it will likely be fun to drive having the very same engine as the Volkswagen GTI, it will cost you quite a bit for the increase in performance. If you are able to afford it, reviewers think you should be satisfied with the power available on the base model.

Several other vehicle makers give you some possibilities to consider, like Hyundia’s Elantra, the interior of which is superior but you will have to accept a downgrade in performance. For significantly less than a Jetta could cost, you are able to get a model with Bluetooth and a USB port. Additionally, it features lots of trunk space, a roomy back seat, and something you don’t get with the Jetta, an upgrade option of heated leather seats. Take a look at paintball vest. More compact vehicles usually provide a more fun driving experience, so you may want to look at the Volkswagen Golf. It’s available in both four-door, and two-door hatch backs, with good fuel economy ratings. Reviewers state that you will be more satisfied by upgrading to the performance model of the Golf, which is the Volkswagen GTI.

There exist five distinct models in the 2012 Jetta, which are S, SE, SEL, GLI, along with the TDI. Only the GLI has been appreciably changed for 2012. The very best fuel economy belongs to the TDI because it features a turbo diesel engine. The GLI plays to exactly what the common Jetta owner desires, and its performance is more aligned with expectations. Its supple, sporty suspension and looks is going to appeal to the masses. There is an abundance of space for luggage and passengers, but, when it comes to handling balance and interior finish, the Jetta does not measure up to what we expect of Volkswagen. Check out bakugan toys. The GLI compensates for these concerns, but to get them, a healthy price will need to be paid.

Mixed reviews have greeted the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta, but quite possibly one of the variants could be the car for you. Take your time to test drive all the models and do thorough research before you buy your new car.
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After leaving us all with honey on the lips in the past Geneva Motor Show with the Alfa Romeo 4 c and its spectacular data, now the Italian brand has given a “new air” its beautiful concept car back to be protagonist in the lounge in Frankfurt.

The most striking change is without a doubt the color gone pale red mate that so little Lucia in Geneva, to make way for a color silver that Alfa Romeo called “liquid metal” that stands out much better its stylized and muscular forms. But no new releases, the Italian brand is simply limited to confirm some information that we wanted to listen to.

It will weigh less than 850 kg, will have more than 200 horses and will begin to be sold in 2013. For its part the engine turbo gasoline direct injection, will be complemented by the TCT gearbox of double clutch. But there are also small developments in Giulietta and Mito…

The Giulietta with engines 1.4 TB MultiAir and 2.0 JTDM 170 horses can now combine with TCT gearbox as you had already advanced. With this box of change the brand ensures that improves the comfort of walking, but also reduce consumption and CO2 emissions.

Also models more equipped with the Giulietta, the Green Quadrifoglio 1750 Tbi 235 HP will receive a new color red tri-layer inspired by the world of the competition


And last but not least, the Alfa Romeo MiTo will also have a space reserved in the lounge in Frankfurt. Now all the myth maintained series Start & Stop to meet with Euro5 standards.

With regard to the more performance engines, have seen have changed the shock absorbers for a somewhat more comfortable with firm in poor state, but equally effective when is fast wheel.

But the most significant novelty is the incorporation in the Alfa Romeo MiTo range of the revolutionary TwinAir Turbo 85 CV already mounted his cousin the Fiat 500 engine.
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