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Robot Mimic Cockroaches Maneuvers

An American cockroach under a ledge. (Picture from:
Reputation as an expert escape roaches attracted researchers of University of California to create a robot that could escape from the pursuing enemy. Acrobatic moves like a ninja is proven to make the cockroaches disappear from human view of the chase.

There are ways in which cockroaches to escape from the pursuit of men. Labeled disgusting animal, measuring very thin, so they can escape by going into the gap. Cockroaches can run fast, reaching 50 times the length of the body in a second-to escape from humans.

Roach, gecko and DASH robot.
(Picture from:
A movement to escape that University of California researchers found. Roaches crawled to the edge of the table and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Super fast cameras that record the acrobatic moves in slow motion. Seen roaches linking the body using a hook on both hind legs, and jumped into the air and create a rocking motion. Zap, cockroaches are now attached to the surface. "The human eye can not see this movement," says integrative biologist from the University of California, Robert Full, through the university website.

During the study, students master biophysics, Michel Mongeau, and biological engineering graduate student, Brian McRae, finds cockroaches not dropped when maneuvering. Insects are running at full speed to the edge and then to associate latch onto the surface of the hind legs as he jumped, so the swing like a pendulum (see video below).
This technique saves energy by 75 percent over the slow creeping movement. Robotics expert Ron Fearing of the University of California create a six-legged robot-like cockroaches. The robot is called Dynamic Autonomous Sprawled Hexapod (DASH).
Frame of movement time. (Picture from:
Small sheets of Velcro attached at the back of the robot legs to simulate acrobatic movement cockroaches. "Animals have many marvelous maneuvers which could inspire the design of agile robot," said Fearing.

According to him, the engineer just a great race to make the robot walk, run, or climb. But few are studying the extreme movements that make robots more nimble. *** [ANTON WILLIAM | KORAN TEMPO 3910]
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