Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Computer Froze - Wondering Why Your Computer Froze and How to Fix It?

Help! My computer froze, why? I get these types of questions all the time regarding computer freezes. Things go wrong and people are desperate to find out "why does my computer freeze up?" The reason they are so upset it because having the computer lock up is one of the most annoying problems you can deal with.

It seems to happen at random times. And God forbid if you were working on something important when it happens. That information is probably lost forever. Because once your computer froze, either it will restart itself with a blue screen or you will have to manually reboot.

So let's get to the root of the problem. What causes your computer to freeze up? What happens is the computer is unable to process and communicate information properly. When the computer cannot communicate, say between software, hardware, and drivers, it has no idea what to do. At this point the CPU is completely lost and it locks up.

What is responsible for the breakdown in this communication? You must get to the source of the problem. This lies in the Windows registry. The registry is the area in your computer that contains all the information and settings to run every piece of software and hardware on your system.

If your computer froze, in order to prevent this happening in the future you must fix the registry. But before you go tinkering around in there, understand that it is a very delicate area that could cause even more serious problems if you do not remove and repair the correct files.

This is why I highly recommend using a registry cleaner. With registry repair software you can fix the problem and stop computer freezing with complete peace of mind. Stop cursing and wondering why your computer froze. Fix computer freezing by scanning and repairing your system below.


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