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Choose The Best Tires For Winter


Choosing the right tires is one of the most vital decisions we have got to make with regard to our personal transport. It is of uttermost importance during the winter, when in numerous areas the presence of snow and ice on roads creates a deadly danger. It is not a tricky process if you have got the required information.

The very first thing you must do is take a look at your car instruction manual to find the maker specifications for the types and sizes of tires recommended by them.

Next, mount the proper mud and snow tires on your car to help guard against the slickness of winter roads, these tires can be employed anywhere as long as they don’t have metal studs on them.

If you live in an area where ice is common in the winter, be sure to utilize the metal-stud tires that are generally available and keep your other tires for the end of winter season as these metal stud tires are only allowed during the winter season and are banned in 10 states.

Another key to recollect is to be sure that all the snow tires you provide your automobile with are of the same size, type and tread. This is particularly important if your auto is front powered drive where using mismatched rear wheels may cause a loss of traction when braking on the icy roads of winter.

When choosing tires be advised that providing your automobile with oversized tires that are bigger than those recommended by the manufacturer make result in difficulty steering and can rub the fender wells or suspension beneath.

As a rule, snow tires are made with huge empty areas in their tread so they will have more traction on snow than normal tires where regular all season type tires are wore interested in marrying a quiet ride with a hint of traction.

Another time tested strategy that can be used when conditions warrant is the usage of tire chains. Installing tire chains can increase traction as much as 200%. Again, make sure that these chains are of the proper size and type for your own tire as the incorrect chains can cause the tires to fail.

Following the preceding pointers may help you to protect you and your folks in the imminent winter season.

Article submitted by Johanna Schultz , Director of California Driving Company. It has over 20 years knowledge in building Bucket Seats.


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