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Can not Sleep? Perhaps You are Afraid of the Dark

For some people who suffer from insomnia, the main reason they can not sleep is probably afraid of the dark. The study of Canadian scientists confirm the statement.
Research found almost half of the people with poor sleep are afraid of the dark. (Picture from:
Researchers followed 93 research students, both insomnia and sleep easy. In a sleep laboratory experiments showed that 46 percent of people who have trouble sleeping due to fear of the dark. But 26 percent of people who easily fall asleep it also has the same fear.

"People often assume that only the fear of childhood, and adults usually do not want to admit that they are also afraid of the dark," said Colleen Carney, a psychologist at the sleep disorders Ryerson University in Toronto. "But people who suffer from insomnia sleeping with the television and lights on."

The study was presented at the conference sleep researcher at Boston, USA, Monday, June 11, 2012. Sleep disturbance is a significant problem in the country. According to the National Institutes of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, about 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year.

To check whether the study participants fear the dark, Carney and his team put them in a "bed" laboratory while wearing headphones. Researchers play a random noise signal (white noise) in the headphone and monitor the study participants how often the eyes blink. By observing the blink of an eye, they can measure the anxiety level of participants.

When the lights lit bedroom, good people who have trouble sleeping or who do not show the same response. But when the lights turned off, people who have trouble sleeping more easily struck by the sound and blinking faster.

People who have trouble sleeping even more afraid of the dark at night, while people are actually more comfortable to sleep easily. "Everyone can be snapped up in the dark," said Carney. "That's unusual, because we are not creatures of the night. But those who do not sleep easy because many jerks get used to that sound." *** [LIVESCIENCE | KORAN TEMPO 3909]
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