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hybrid car gas mileage

To get the best gasoline mileage possible, it is important that you take great care with your driving habits. Here are 10 tips for getting the best gas mileage with your hybrid car.

habits play a major role in fuel efficiency. It is always advisable to drive in a smooth way, without any jerks or jumps.

Avoid frequent braking, Move with medium speed or speed allowed in the highways, to avoid more braking. Each braking requires more energy.

go with a medium speed. For each category of vehicle there will be a range of speeds in which you get maximum fuel efficiency. Make sure that you drive your car within that range. More speed or less speed will demand more fuel.

hybrid cars switch between gasoline engines and electric engines, depending upon the speed of the car, frequent ups and downs in the speed result in frequent switching of the modes. More frequent switching is equivalent to more consumption of energy. So it is advisable to have a uniform speed as much as possible.

sure that all your engine components are in good conditions. Carburetors are the first one to maintain regularly. You have to clean it at regular intervals to minimize the waste.

the air filters and spark plugs can save you much gasoline. Take your car to the mechanic once in a month and ask him to do a cleaning and conditioning. If required do not hesitate to replace air filters or spark plugs.

Accelerate very gently and smoothly. Do not accelerate with full throttle. This will consume much energy. Assure minimum stops during the travel, each stop requires decelerating and accelerating, both wastes lot of fuels.

the gear to up as early as possible. Lower gears uses more fuel than higher gears. This is true for all standard internal combustion engine driver cars.

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