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Certified cars

The final test for becoming certified is the most extensive evaluation. It is the comprehensive 150-point inspection of mechanics and appearance. Before the evaluation is taken, several manuals and kinds of documentation must be provided.

These manuals and documentation include the owner's and new car warranty manuals. There is also a certified warranty booklet, a title history report, and a copy of the (completed) 150-point checklist. A radio security code and, if available, a navigation code are also included.

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspection is performed first. This checks the VIN plate, the VIN label on the door jamb, and any VIN recalls or repairs. Some items included on list of minimum replacements are air and oil filters, coolants, tires, and floor mats. Wiper blades, brake shoes, and brake pads are inspected and replaced. And all fluids are checked. The nearest scheduled maintenance is also performed.

A road test is given. This determines such things as starting and idling temperatures, acceleration power, driveability, and any strange noises. It also checks to make sure all gauges work, as well as any steering drift.

The entire car is inspected for aftermarket modifications that are not accepted by Honda's standards. Exhaust systems, transmissions, tires, rims, batteries, brake systems, headlights, running lights, and more are evaluated. The entire interior is inspected for modifications, as is the overall appearance of the entire exterior.

If everything passes inspection, then the car is made available for sale. If some things fail inspection, they are refurbished or reconditioned. If something cannot be reconditioned, then the car will not pass the evaluation and will not be placed for sale. Thus, customers are assured that all Certified Used Honda Cars are reliable and dependable.

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