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Benefits of a hybrid car

hybrids is that they add to the car's mileage with fewer emissions usually coming from cars run by gasoline, while eliminating more or less the disadvantages that comes with electric cars. Motorists usually take three considerations in mind when judging the usability of a vehicle. These are:

-it should run at three-hundred miles at least between fuel stops.

-Should be easily refueled, in the minimum amount of time.

-It should catch up with the other vehicles zooming on the road.

The thing is, a gasoline-powered car has all these features, but it produces lots of emission plus the mileage is poor. On the other hand, an electric car gives off almost zero pollution, but the speed is relatively slow, and can only run 50-100 miles between battery charges.

What are the parts of hybrid cars?

Gasoline engine Compared to the engine of other cars, hybrids use smaller ones and is more technically advanced in order to maximize fuel and lessen emissions.

tank This serves as the device for hybrids to store energy for the gasoline engine.

motor The motor present in hybrids is a study in sophistication. It can serve as both generator and motor.

Much like an electric motor, but its only purpose is to provide electrical power.

Batteries Acts as the storage device of energy for electric motors. The advantage of hybrid car motors is that they can charge the batteries with energy as well as get energy supply from them.

Acts the same as conventional car transmissions.

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