Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shop Till You Drop!

The economy may not be as stable as people had expected, yet Consumer sales soared high in the month of May! No one knows why, but maybe because its human nature never to be depressed for too long, so a little bit of shopping can definitely lift your spirits! And unsurprisingly, most of the shopping is not done in the malls or stores, but rather, its all done online, because Yes, that is indeed where the best deals are hidden! PC and Video Games are on the top of the list for summer gifts for children. Luckily, I found ShopWiki, a cool website that lists out all your shopping site options, just like Google, so you get the widest range of choices and prices. Thanks to the competition, companies and online stores are offering several deals on the games and consoles, so you might be in for a treat as your target budget may just go down quite a bit after browsing this list!

Xbox 360 consoles are already dirt cheap in the US. But Microsoft just announced Dell coupons dropping the prices of the Xbox 360 Arcade, Pro, and Elite Holiday Bundles by $30 (now $169), $50 (now $250), and $70 (now $330), respectively, just in time for the holidays, that too with free shipping and either one or two free game tossed in for grins. Hurry now, the offers expire on Monday Thursday, October 23rd and it's not like you can afford to take the family to grandma's house this year anyway.

ShopWiki is a revolutionary site for shopping since it actively seeks out every store on the internet by crawling the web, bringing you the best deals available anywhere. And while there are several things to catch your eye, I really loved their deals on latest PS3 games for as low as $30 bucks!!

Another great thing to try out is Auctions - search for Wii Games Auction, and you'll see great savings on bundled games that you'd never ever find in any store. And what better way to ask for deals but from the experts who breathe, eat and talk games 24/7! Again, ShopWiki will be a good option to try - you'll find some great first-hand tips on where to buy, what to buy, and for how much!

They also have a cool feature where you can filter out the results by price and brand, so you can narrow down your listings. The plenty of related product guides will answer most of your questions if you are not a hardcore Gaming fan, and need some ideas and inspiration! They also have a section on top-rated games, so you know what's "in" these days. Just choose one that fits your budget and you are good to go!

So what are you waiting for? HOp along and buy a little something for yourself, or for your loved one. Gifts go a long way in making someone smile, and its something especially endearing in tough times like these, don't you think!

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