Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its time to Spruce up Your Hybrid Cars !

hybrid-cars-accessoriesOk, so President Obama seems to be really serious about the Carbon emissions, and the growing need to use Greener gases, which includes more use of Hybrid cars on the road compared to the Gas-Guzzlers we've all got used to driving. Agreed, Hybrids are not the most convenient cars, especially for family trips and for lugging camping and sports gears for your kids, but with every household having at least 2 cars in their driveways, one cannot refuse the motivation of adapting to the Hybrids, especially the newer ones rolling out everyday, which offer style, class and a better-than-decent mileage, not to mention "cleaner air" for us to breathe!

If you own a Hybrid, or are planning, like me, to join the bandwagon soon, its time you compared not just the hybrid cars, but even the Hybrid accessories available out there. Whether its the tried-and-tested Toyota Prius, the fashionable Ford Fusion Hybrid 2010, or the much hyped about Honda Insight, there are several affordable ways to make your dull cars more charming, by sprucing them up with functional and economical accessories that can please any car enthusiast!

I am still new at this Go Green phase, but I was amazed to find there are SO MANY ways to get more out of your aerodynamically-designed car. From sun visors to window deflectors, from fuel-efficient cables to green-air-filters, and simple iPod integrators to jazzy heat-shields, mudflaps and more, you can choose from a plethora of options for your hybrid accessories, whether you drive a Porsche, Toyota, Lexus or the brand new Tesla! The best part, they don't just improve the efficiency of your vehicle, they actually increase the WOW-factor, making you feel like you are driving a Luxury car rather than a plain, old Hybrid.

So if you haven't already, its time to check out some cool accessories for your next Hybrid car. This way, you'll not only feel enthusiastic about driving a green-car, you will also help the President fulfill his dream of creating a greener earth, and stimulating the economy, at the same time!


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