Monday, April 20, 2009

CheckAppointments - Online Appointment Calendar

I always used to think that companies or small businesses, or doctor's offices could save so much cost and overhead if they had an automated system to maintain appointments, rather than have an office staff keep a tab on all of them, making new appointments, rescheduling them, as well as calling people 24 hours before, reminding them to show up for the same! Finally, I am so happy to see, an online tool that does just that, and much more! But the best part, its FREE!

Check Appointments is basically an online Automated Scheduling software, that takes the burden out of an individual on manually setting up and keeping tab of appointments. It is specifically designed for small-business owners or individuals, and is more like your personal website, where your clients or customers can login, enter their details, view availability of schedule, and book their own time slots. Appointments can be booked for a year in advance, and the software sends a confirmation email once the appointment is confirmed. not only that, it also sends a useful reminder to your clients so they know when to show up!

Its a not-very-fancy, yet pretty useful application, that comes with all the necessary features. Its safe and secure, and can be installed and managed from anywhere, as long as you have internet connection. The ease of use and ability to navigate are other plusses. They have a complete list of features, as well as an Online Demo that would walk you through the process. For a free software, it definitely bundles quite a lot, including online support! So hop over and give it a try - there's no charge to sign up, and you might just find it handy in scheduling your appointments, whether they are with clients, or with your favorite friends!

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