Friday, July 11, 2008

PowerCube 600 - Scalable Solar-Power Generator

PowerCube-600-solar-generatorWith the growing need to find gadgets that can tap the power of solar energy, the creation of PowerCube 600 is truly a boon! A portable and scalable solution that can generate upto 600W of power is a much-needed asset, especially because it looks much smaller than the tall sheets of solar panels that you'd have to mount on your roof-tops to generate half the amount of power that PowerCube can generate! Its robust, scalable, and defintely makes generation and storage of solar energy more feasible. it may not be as small as today's nano-tech-loving world might want it to be, but its a great option from the choices available as of today!

The PowerCube makes deployable renewable energy simple. By integrating the latest solar energy, power storage and power management technology, the PowerCube is engineered for home use, emergency response, construction, and any other remote power needs. It’s large size (72 x 124 x 50 inches) enables it to produce 600 watts of solar power.

PowerCube is also a scalable solution, so each individual unit can be easily linked to the next one in a "daisy chain" fashion to generate more power. The PowerCube comes ready to use with minimal installation (in just 4 easy steps), making it ideal to generate power either on or off grid, for short or long-term, as primary or back-up electricity.

In emergency situations, access to traditional fossil fuels can be limited and difficult. The PowerCube's primary source of power is the sun, which means that the unit provides essential power without reliance on fossil fuel deliveries. Plus, heat, noise and emissions are virtually nonexistent, making it earth-friendly as much as possible.

Its portable, yes, but its not as small or miniature as it looks in the picture! it weighs about 2000 lbs, so don't think you can just load it in your truck and set it up in your backyard! plus, it does not have a price-tag disclosed, meaning you have to call or email for a quote! However, PowerCube 600 comes with a large range of features that you'd expect from a solar-generator, and is backed with attractive warranties. check for more detailed specifications on their site.

If you are in need of a device that can solve all your electricity needs, PowerCube 600 is something you should definitely check out! I think each of us should make a conscious effort to deploy solar power as much as we can, before the energy and environment that we are so dependent on, runs out on us!!


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