Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keep Forgetting Your Cell Number? Try a Personal Elite Number!

Mobile phones have become so much a part of our lives that everyone carries a cell phone these days, be it a VP of a large tech firm or the small vendor in india selling vegetables from one neighborhood to another! But still, there are some things only special people can afford, like buying an iphone or ordering a personalised cell-phone number! Yes, its a world of personalisation, to stand out, to make your mark, so why not with mobile numbers, right?

If you are living anywhere in UK, you are in luck, because Elite Numbers can provide you with a special Gold Number which is yours till you die! It is a personal memorable number that you can purchase from them as long as it is any six digit combination (not including the prefix). You can even use alpha-numeric characters for your business purposes. A gold phone number is available on any UK network and can replace your current mobile number. You can even continue your current contract with your cell-phone network; just pay for the personalized number and you'll be sent your new Sim Card or your PAC code and you are good to go! You can even do this on a Pay-as-you-Go service!

With competitive rates, and the largest database of numbers in UK, Elite Numbers is a great site to find your personal mobile number. Their website is clear and easy-to-navigate. You can check for availability of your dream-number and even request for one. It would defnitely be an advisable thing to do for companies that have offices in UK or for private entrepreneurs looking to advertise their business. This has been pretty common in US for years, but its a growing craze in Europe. So don't miss the boat! Order your personal elite mobile number today!


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