Monday, March 3, 2008

Next-Generation iPhone May Soon Hit the Markets!

Steve Jobs has a way of unfolding Apple devices from time to time, thereby satiating the needs of Apple-lovers world-wide. but when the iPhone was unveiled and only US could avail of the benefits, people in the other parts of the world felt left-out. So hackers devised ways to make iPhone work anywhere you want! But here's some more good news for the faithful followers! The day when Apple's next-generation 3G iPhone version rolls out may not be too far. Will this give a boost to the company's stock that has been plummeting down since 2 months now?

An industry analyst's note on Fox News hinted that Apple has lined up the German chipmaker Infineon Technologies to supply parts for its next-generation iPhone, and may release the product as soon as June or July, which would be about 12 months after the iPhone's initial release in the U.S. The 3G iPhone is expected to trigger a flurry of sales to fans who are enamored of the iPhone but feel that its most innovative features — such as the Web browser — are hampered by the slower network.

Speculation has been fuelled by the reports that Apple has begun to reduce its focus on the current iPhone platform — which runs on the slower 2.5G cellular high-speed network known as EDGE — in favor of developing software for the newer device, which will support a software that will allow developers to write applications for the iPhone, says UBS analyst, Ben Reitzes. The second generation iPhone also promises exciting new enterprise features! If Apple can announce fuller connectivity with Microsoft's mail and calendar platforms and Lotus Notes, and other initiatives to make the iPhone a real alternative to the Blackberry for the serious business user, the newer version will likely beat the predecessor in terms of sales!

Another coveted feature is the GPS integrated within iPhone. Rumours have been floating around that Apple might install a SiRF Star III chip (or similar) within the iphone-2. This GPS which will be installed in the phone will be very fast and would give accurate information in crowded cities with mega buildings. SiRF has earlier talked about their link up with NXP's software to improve their existing technology. GPS integration would certainly take iPhone to the next level. Not to mention that Google is specially designing their apps like Maps, Gmail and more to match iPhone resolution and specifications!

Yesterday Apple shares gained more than 4% backed by the theory that if software developers could write applications for its iPhone, it would trigger the demand for the device. That's quite a bit of speculation, and good for Apple investors as it could boost the stock, same as Microsoft bid worked for Yahoo! Apple is due to unveil a "software roadmap" for the next-generation iPhone at a meeting at its headquarters in Cupertino next week, so we'll know for sure what Mr. Steve Jobs has in store for us!

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